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Or-gan-ize: (verb)
To pull together in an orderly, functional, structured whole; to arrange systematically for harmonious, unified structure.

April 2008 News

Many of my students and clients have requested tele-classes or on line training. I am opting to present bi-monthly installments of organizing principals through the amazing world of electronics and this news note. If you prefer to opt out of this offering just let us know. We certainly do not want to add to your paper or electronic piles if you are not interested! I will not be offended…smile.

Organizerism for April: We do what we (most) want.

A common thread runs though the lives of some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers: Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the Hebrew prophets, the Catholic saints, the Quakers, the Shakers, the Amish…None of them had junk drawers! The all embraced simplicity and lived lives of beauty, function and harmony. The brilliant Albert Einstein said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” Henry David Throeau was able to focus on his great work abiding by his remedy for chaotic life, “simplify, simplify, simplify.”

We pay a price for disorganization; the physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and financial havoc it can create in our lives. It also costs us time, which is an irreplaceable commodity. And then there is the problem of space. Many of us think we don’t have enough of it and as a result Americans build bigger homes and still pay self storage companies to hold things the big homes won’t. Do we really not have enough space? Or is the truth perhaps that we just have too much stuff?

I emphasize the cost of disorder because the truth is, we invest our life energy in what we most want. That means that my desire for order (and all of its benefits) must be greater than my unwillingness to do what it takes to get organized and stay that way. Organized living is a skill we learn. If I want to play piano I must want it badly enough to find a teacher, invest in a piano and dedicate time for practice.

Ordered living does require work, but let’s weigh the benefits against the investment.  Establishing order is the means of gaining control over time and task rather than the other way around.  It reduces stress, saves us money, time, and space.  It increases our productivity, promotes harmony in relationships, and brings beauty and clarity to our lives.

I hope you find the organizing principals, ideas and systems in the upcoming News Notes to be helpful as you practice the vital discipline of organized living.

What’s Happening?

Saturday April 26-  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
North Star Women’s Network presents “Deeper Still” Conference
First Baptist Church, Alexandria Virginia
Sue Marie presenting workshop “The Sacred Art of De-Accumulation”
To register:  703-941-6822  or

Saturday May 3-
Antioch Baptist Church, Fairfax Station Virginia
Women’s 2008 Spring Conference – WOW! Women of Wisdom
Location: Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks
11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax VA
Sue Marie presenting 90 minute session “The Sacred Art of De-Accumulation”
To register: or Janice George 703-542-8861

Saturday May 31-  9 AM to 3:00 PM
Fredericksburg Parks and Rec
“Disorganization:  The Cost and the Cure”
Dorothy Hart Community Center on Canal Street
To register: or 540-372-1086 Ext. 217

Saturday September 27 – 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Winding Creek Community Church Stafford Virginia
“Applying God’s Order to Your Chaotic World”- The seminar
Save the date and watch for further information in August.

We regret that all other classes are currently filled or closed.  More classes
will be offered in the fall of 2008.  Stay tuned!

Next edition-
The first step in getting organized; The sacred art of de-accumulation.

“I am learning…that a man can live profoundly without masses of things.”
Admiral Byrd alone in the barren Arctic

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