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Or-gan-ize: (verb)
To pull together in an orderly, functional, structured whole; to arrange systematically for harmonious, unified structure.


Organize Your Mind Set – Clutter Be Gone

posted: January 20th, 2018

On a sunny morning in May, Sue Marie Bowling sat at Café 906 in Baldwin Park and while indulging in her favorite sweet, a French Coconut Flan, she talked about getting organized.

“There’s nothing wrong with being disorganized,” she said. “But ordered living contributes positively to the quality of life. And conversely, disorder, no matter how tolerant of it we are, costs us time and energy.”

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Expert Advice to Organize Your Stuff and Reclaim Your Space

posted: March 5th, 2016

New Year’s resolutions have one thing in common – a better you. Whether the pledge is to get in shape, find that ever-elusive work-life-play balance or inner peace, an organized life for household harmony can set you up for success.

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Marni Jameson’s At Home: When The Good Life Is An Organized Life

posted: March 5th, 2016

Several months ago, right after DC and I bought a house and got engaged on the same day, and after I pinched myself into reality, the cold fact hit me that my four years of living a clean, well-ordered, show-home-ready, go-ahead-and-open-any-cabinet-because-its-perfect-and-everything-is where-I-want-it lifestyle was about to change.

I panicked.

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Defining Moments: How It All Began

posted: July 20th, 2015

It is not uncommon to be defined by what we do rather than who we are.  At a recent gathering of old friends we played the game, “write my epitaph”.  A friend who has known me for over thirty years suggested mine would read, “Sue Marie Bowling, she went neatly and on time!”  Continue reading “Defining Moments: How It All Began” »

Tax Organization Tips

posted: January 27th, 2009

Sue Marie Bowling, owner of Prescription for Order in Stafford Virginia, was consulted by Kim Baer for an article in the Freelance Star. The article addresses some great organization ideas to make tax time a little less taxing. Spending time organizing throughout the year will make tax time go as smoothly as possible. Read the entire article here:

News – Special Holiday Edition

posted: January 10th, 2009

“Organize is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.”
Christopher Robin (A. A. Milne)

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Prescription For Order Featured in Free Lance Star

posted: October 5th, 2008

Prescription for Order has been featured in the Free Lance Star newspaper of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Read the article at

August 2008 News

posted: September 18th, 2008

“Organizing is the basis of living a richer life. It’s about striking a balance between the things you need, the space you have and the life you want to live.” Peter Walsh of TLC’s Clean Sweep

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June 2008 News

posted: September 18th, 2008

“I am so ready to get organized, but I just don’t know where to begin, and I feel overwhelmed!” Sound familiar?  One client told me she felt like a sailboat dead in the water until I put wind in her sails. This month I will attempt to provide you with a “tide” of inspiration and to carry you on a “wave” of encouragement.  OK, so I’m getting a bit carried away with the nautical thing.  But let’s start at the beginning. I know you are anxious for tools and systems to try, but just like an illness, we need to determine the cause of organizational challenge before we can treat it.

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April 2008 News

posted: September 18th, 2008

Many of my students and clients have requested tele-classes or on line training. I am opting to present bi-monthly installments of organizing principals through the amazing world of electronics and this news note. If you prefer to opt out of this offering just let us know. We certainly do not want to add to your paper or electronic piles if you are not interested! I will not be offended…smile.

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