Organizing Homes and Offices since 1995

Or-gan-ize: (verb)
To pull together in an orderly, functional, structured whole; to arrange systematically for harmonious, unified structure.

Seminars & Presentations

“Your presentation was exceptional… You offered dozens of invaluable insights, information, and suggestions… You are a gold mine of practical ideas and solutions and motivational as well. We felt empowered to organize our worlds!”

– Becky Ferrall, Adult Programming Director Chinn Park Library

“Anyone spending any amount of time listening to, then implementing ideas from Sue Marie will benefit tremendously! She came highly recommended and we highly recommend her.”

– Shelly Thompson, Ebenezer UMC

“Attendees loved your presentation! Evaluation sheets listed your presentation as their favorite. Excellent job!”

– Jeannette Ellis, Shilo New Site Church

“Sue Marie is an enthusiastic and dynamic speaker. She makes getting organized seem as delightful and doable as smiling.”

– Dr. Gayle Wolfe, Professor of Psychology, Germanna Community College and Licensed Professional Counselor

Organizing 101: Profile of the Organizationally Challenged
A crash course that profiles organizationally challenged personalities, “bottom lines” the cause of disorganization and offers practical solutions to gaining control over time, space and stress.
Home as a Haven in a Hectic World
Creating a culture of order and harmony in our homes by conquering closets, cupboards, counters and other clutter caches. Practical solutions for storage and space management from basement to attic (and yes, even the garage!)
The Paper Problem 
Treatment plans for “paper-pile-itis”, file and desk management. Practical and workable solutions for managing ever increasing paper flow. Find any needed paper in five seconds or less and learn how to have a private secretary-salary free!
The Clutter Clinic
A realistic approach to clearing closets, attics, kitchens, photos and memorabilia, paper piles, knick-knacks, toys and other clutter culprits.
The Sacred Art of De-Accumulation
An encouraging approach to the dilemma of down sizing and curing “clutter-itis”. Discover the power of simplicity and getting clear of piles of indecision. Strategic solutions for reducing stress, gaining space, saving time and money.
Leave Your Kids The Memories Not The Mess
A workshop to help you tackle piles of paper, photos and a lifetime of possessions so your kids won’t have to. The decisions I make and the action I take today determine the legacy I leave tomorrow.
The 25th Hour (time management)
Not just talk and theory. Practical and realistic strategies for seizing control of our 24 hour day and re-managing the time we are given to add 14,600 minutes a year to our lives.
The Disastrous Desk – Or, I know it’s here somewhere!
Converting a junk bunker of indecision into an effective work center.
Taking the Rush out of Rush Hour
Organizational strategies for less stressed school and work days.
The Treasure Hunt
Organizing and preserving photos and memorabilia.
Hassle Free Holidays (and event planning)
Time, space and task management to help make your holidays (or other events) pleasant and less stressful. Includes “event mapping” techniques.
Organizing For VIP’s
The challenge for organized living is even greater for people suffering from depression, ADD, OCD, learning difficulties or other clinical maladies. This workshop focuses on special helps for this population as well as the chronically disorganized.
Especially For Moms
Realistic suggestions to help moms keep up with kids! From toys to time management techniques that will enhance the lives of parents and children by reducing stress, creating space and more quality time.
Disorganization: The Cost & The Cure – The Seminar
Covers multiple areas of organizational challenge, from the cause to the solutions, including clutter control, space and time management, paper, desk and file solutions. Includes five and one half hours of intense and comprehensive information and training, hands-on demonstrations and all materials.
The Corporate Course
Begins with three and one half hours of interactive instruction in organizational principles and the tools to apply those principles to save time, reduce stress and increase the bottom line. A two hour afternoon session follows during which Sue Marie works with selected employees in hands-on instruction restructuring their work areas and applying techniques taught in the morning session. Program covers space management, paper flow and file systems, clutter control, time and stress management and more.
Applying God’s Order in Your Chaotic World
A Biblical basis for organized living. Not only does disorganization cost us mentally, physically, financially and relationally; it cost us spiritually as well.
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