Or-gan-ize: (verb)
To pull together in an orderly, functional, structured whole; to arrange systematically for harmonious, unified structure.

"Sue Marie was beyond tremendous. Extremely smart, professional, very pleasant to be around, and exceptionally skilled at organizing difficult areas such as my library and disastrous bathroom. A true find, I plan on asking for her help for the remainder of the house. Sue was a huge blessing and surpassed every expectation!"
- Rob S., Oviedo, FL

  • “It’s on my desk… somewhere!”
  • “Now where did I leave my keys?”
  • “There is just not enough time in my day.”
  • “I waste so much time looking for things!”
  • “I know I have some but where? I’ll just buy more.”
  • “I don’t know where it belongs; I’ll put it here for now.”
  • “I just don’t have enough space.”
  • “This clutter and chaos makes me depressed.”
  • “We can’t have company! This place is a mess!”
  • “Oops! I forgot to pay this bill. It was buried in a pile!”

If these statements sound familiar – you have come to the right web site!

Disorganization translates into physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual cost as well as loss of time, space and money. Conversely, the philosophy behind ThatOrganizer.com is that order contributes positively to our life and health.

Twenty five years of experience organizing the world insures we are able create a life enriching culture of simplicity and order in your home or office. Specialties include paper and file management, all areas of home including kitchens, closets, attics and garages, pre-pack and settling in services on relocations and group training and public speaking. Our hands-on skills and training can assist you in-

  • Creating beauty, clarity and simplicity in home and work environment
  • Reducing stress and fatigue
  • Maximizing time and energy
  • Saving money, reducing financial waste and duplicating purchases
  • Eliminating outside storage costs
  • Reducing late fees, interest and debt
  • Increasing creativity and productivity
  • Reducing frustration, anxiety, depression and discouragement

ThatOrganizer.com is able to provide insightful analysis, practical solutions and the organizational expertise needed to create order, balance, function and beauty in your world.